The guys of the prestigious European magazine have been more than a month making routes with our splitboard Hexagon 162 in order to expose it to all types of snow and terrain to give us an exhaustive opinion on the behavior of our splitboard so much in ascending mode and in descending mode.

The ascent is a fundamental part in the splitboard. There are many hours that we spend ascending the mountain, that is why the behavior of the board in touring mode is a very important aspect.

Finding a perfect balance between behavior and weight of the board, makes it in situations of having to carry the splitboard in the backpack is as tedious as possible.

The traditional camber profile not only helps in the ascent, in the descent also it becomes a very versatyle board in difficult or complex snows. Its Isosport 7500high quality base gives us an extra speed which makes it a board with very good riding in deep snow.

Splitboard test result:

The Mendiboard Hexagon is a classic splitboard for all kinds of backcountry action, the camber gives great stability and lots of pop. Regarding the price it is great quality at a very good price.
Ascent: The camber and the long effective edge gives excellent traction even at tricky traverses. The balance point is well choosen so the nose comes up even at deep snow of around 40 cm and the board pulls straight forward. The kickturns are easy to be done.
Descent: Also at the descent the camber plays an important role, good stability and great grip even if you are surprised by an icy section you can relay on the Mendiboard Hexagon, just push it and you will find grip quickly. The float in powder is good, due to the optimized performance for alpine splitboarding you have to put your weight on the backfoot, to get the nose out of the snow. To ride Mendi properly you need a certain level of snowboarding and some power in your legs but than you can also cut throug crust and enjoy tracked descents as well.
Big respect for the guys from Spain who offer a great board wich is suitable for alpine terrain at a very economic price.

Snowconditions at the tests: Powder up to 40 cm, windpress and ice

Bindings used: Spark and Plum

Boots: Deeluxe and Fitwell