Pablo Urrea born in Huesca (Spain) but Canadian in adoption has been linked all his life to the snow. At first he began his journey in the Catalan Pyrenees to later go to the Oscense Pyrenees. At the moment he is doing what he calls living in the Wild Canada, more specifically in the region of British Columbia where he practices what he likes most, splitboarding. Here it is the review that have done of our Sunnmore splitboard.

After having ridden with her during an intense month of February in Whistler (Canada), I have the pleasure of doing this review of Mendiboard’s Sunnmore. I have to say that from the first moment I saw the splitboard on the website of I knew that it could be the best tool to face the terrain offered by the Coast Mountains environment here in British Columbia.

The Sunnmore adapts perfectly to the varied terrain that I find in each route, the deep snows of the glaciers, narrow channels with great inclination, varied terrain due to the changes of snow and temperature, also behaves surprisingly well between trees and destroying pilows

Seeing for the first time the Sunnmore intrigue its pointed shape with a tremendous nose (40cm), and a tiny tail (15cm), no doubt has been created to ride in the deepest powder and enjoy the freshly fallen snow, but It offers us much more.

Thanks to its traditional camber profile and a great rocker in the nose we can face all kinds of terrain. Going down behaves in a very noble way and always with an exquisite buoyancy, it is so easy to ride in the deep powder (and come to test it with more than 70cm of powder snow), that you only have to think about your line because it offers you that tranquility. I found myself with days of snow transformed by rising temperatures and you really feel very comfortable thanks to that positive camber and you do not lose that feeling as if you were surfing that “spring” snow.

In many of the channels that abound in the surroundings of the glaciers, thanks to its buoyancy and driving comfort, you can afford to enjoy them by making some good turns or launching yourself in a ride, marking a tremendous straight at high speed because although it is not very rigid board behaves in a very stable and noble at extreme speed because the tremendous nose keeps me always afloat and safe.

One of the great qualities of the Sunnmore, comes in the climbs. Last season and at the beginning of this I could try some other powder splitboards of other brands and believe me when I tell you that the Sunnmore passes them over to many of them . The board measures 163cm but the arch of the camber gives it a very climber look, the changes of steep climbing direction are really comfortable thanks to that camber and if we add its weight so contained for this type of splitboard (3kg), we find ourselves with a very versatile and balanced double-edged sword.

Having the luck to be able to use this splitboard during this month, in all types of terrains, I realized that it is a well-constructed board and designed to stay with very good appearance, its polyamide top sheet makes it very resistant to the striped and its appearance is similar to the day I bought it.

If you really decide to buy it you will realize that your way of seeing the mountain will change completely and you will realize the tremendous dedication and involvement that has been to create this incredible splitboard.

On the other hand, the direct, friendly and sincere treatment by Xabi of Mendiboard, the ease of delivery and the price so contained thanks to its direct sale through the web, make the Sunnmore de Mendiboard a great splitboard fully trained to face the big brands that cover the big part of the market.

Sunnmore Splitboard on top of one pic of British Columbia.

Sunnmore not only works in powder snow, also it has great response in other types of snow.

Sunnmore splitboard in action.

Enjoying BC powder.

Sunnmore profile, traditional camber with extra rocker in nose.