Splitboard + Panthom Tech Toes + M6 Bindings + Adjustable Splits Cleats + Rocket Risers + Kohla Skins


More and more people are choicing optin for the splitboard with a ski touring boot or hard boots. This pack includes everything you need to practice splitboarding with a hard hiking boot:

Splitboard Ninbus, Pro Carbon, Backcountry or Sunnmore.

M6 Bindings: The M6 Bindings fit a wider range of boot sizes. We use larger 6mm screws in the bail blocks, which allows us to use fewer screws. This makes for easier sizing adjustments, as well giving the M6 Bindings common screws with other Phantom components. Also, small features were added to the base plates to aid in self-clearing snow and ice build up for faster changeovers, while still being fully compatible with our patented board cleats. The M6 was engineered from the deck up for a low foot height and direct power transfer. Five degrees of canting creates a more natural snowboard stance by reducing knee strain, and our patented Quick Flicks locking levers and pins make for quick and easy gloved changeovers. Bindings stow in pack for reduced touring swing weight.

Adjustable Split Cleats: Phantom Adjustable Split Cleats are for use with factory-built splitboards only.  Our patented binding interface provides a solid board feel. Our M6 Bindings easily rotate onto cleats and lock into position.

Rocket Risers: Phantom Rocket Risers feature an all-aluminum body with dual height stainless steel risers for touring on varied inclines. Risers are easily actuated with either your pole tip or grip. Slotted rails allow for ski strap heel lock down using a 20¨ ski straps.

Phantom Tech Toe: Tech toes designed and built for splitboarding! The Phantom x Spark R&D collaboration tech toes are made specifically for splitboarding. They were designed so that no adapter plates are needed, beefed them up at notorious breakage points, and strengthened the lock-out levers. They easily mount to the touring bracket inserts on factory-built splitboards and can be switched from board to board by unscrewing only 2 screws.

The equipment is shipped completely assembled according to the required stance and angles, skins cut to size of splitboard, waxed base and edges according to the required angulation.


Delivery time in Europe 3/4 days.

Delivery time in Spain 48 / 72h.



    If desired, the splitboads are delivered at no additional cost with the interface assembled according to stance and angulations indicated, skins cut to size and specifying us if you are goofy or regular. You can give us all this information in the following form. For any other doubt you can also write here or call us at +34 629 91 40 49.

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