Pack Nimbus splitboard + Spark Surge + Kohla skins + Spark pucks

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At Mendiboard we offer you this Splitboard Set. In the set we include the following: Splitboard NINMBUS, Spark ARC bindings, Spark Pucks and Kohla seal skins. The whole set is assembled according to the customer’s instructions. We want to make Splitboard a little more accessible to everyone.FREE SHIPPING TO EUROPEFREE SHIPPING TO CHILEDelivery time to Europe 3/4 daysDelivery time to Spain 48 / 72hDelivery time to Chile 7/9 days.





Traditional and directional camber profile boards, designed to give maximum performance on the ascent and optimal behaviour on the descent in the wide range of snow types in our mountains. Our splitboards have a long contact surface length with the snow, which will undoubtedly give us more grip when climbing the mountain. Presented as a very versatile board that makes us enjoy both hard days, being a reactive board, and deep snow days thanks to the height and shape of the tip rocker, a black sintered high speed base that give us extra speed, and its setback (setback position) that will help us to float in deep snow. Shorter turning radius than its predecessor, making it the perfect ally for tight woods and narrow terrain. This is a splitboard for people looking for fun with a responsive board regardless of the conditions on the mountain.SPARK SURGE BINDINGSThe established Spark Surge bindings, one of the lightest on the market, with Tesla system that makes it easy to switch from touring to ride mode. Its higback allows an angulation of 22º to -13º for greater comfort in touring mode, with a single riser in two positions, one for gentle slopes and the other for moderate slopes. Accessories such as the Tesla toe cap and heel or heel support are included. The new bindings include the new Pilow Line straps, 46% lighter, water resistant, ultra-durable, comfortable, one-piece construction and Whammy bars for easy changes of the ski lift position. Compatible with IBEX blades, for safe progress in harder snow conditions.ANGULATED SPARK PUCKSDiscs where the binding is inserted in downhill mode. With an angulation of 3 degrees that allows us to carry the bindings in a more natural position for riding. The pucks can be mounted in the position and angulation required by the customer.KOHLA FOCA SKINSNew KOHLA mixed climbing skins (70% Mohair, 30% Nylon). Excellent traction / glide ratio. Its lightness is appreciated on the longest and most demanding routes. Its reduced volume once folded and stored in its bag, takes up less space in our backpack. It is supplied with protective mesh, carrying bag and tail clip to be able to hook not only on the tip but also on the spatula. They can also be cut to size if required.

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In Mendiboard we have been making the best Splitboards on the market since 2012. We also have Splitboard bindings and all kinds of essential accessories for the practice of this sport.



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