Pack New Backcountry Climb Pro Splitboard + Kohla Skins + Union Explorer

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At Mendiboard we offer you this Splitboard Set. In the pack we include the following: Splitboard Backcountry, Union Explorer Bindings, along with its interface to use it in uphill and downhill mode, and Kohla Skins. The setup is delivered assembled in position (regular/goofy) and angles according to the customer’s instructions. We want to make Splitboard a little more accessible to everyone.2 years warranty.FREE SHIPPING TO EUROPE.3/4 days delivery time to Europe .

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NEW BACKCOUNTRY CLIMB PRO SPLITBOARD Like its sibling the Classic Backcountry Splitboard, the New Shape Backcountry splitboard has a number of improvements over its predecessor. The new Backcountry is 10% lighter than its predecessor, thanks to the paulownia wood used in the construction of its core, which together with poplar and bamboo gives it the same flex and torsional behaviour as its predecessor but 10% lighter. Two holes have also been added in the tip to place the skins, avoiding the use of the classic buckles, which will allow us to assemble the splitboard in downhill mode without having to remove the skins, with this we will avoid that by an oversight the board falls down the mountain, so once the splitboard is assembled, we will remove the skins to begin our descent.

The New Shape Backcountry splitboard (like the Nimbus Splitboard), is a splitboard with a V-shaped tip and tail. This new shape gives it a more ski-like shape when the board is split in uphill mode, with a new position of the clips a bit further away from the tip and tail. With this new shape more similar to a conventional ski, we avoid edges with sharp angles and move them further away from the inside edge. This, together with the new position of the clips further back towards the centre of the board, makes it possible to climb without inverting the two halves of the board, preventing angled edges and clips from colliding in the jib. And what is achieved by not inverting the two halves of the board? Jibbing with the straight edges facing inwards is safer and more efficient, as the “sidecut depth” on the valley skate (the half of the splitboard that sits closest to the valley on a diagonal) is reduced to zero, making the skate flex less underfoot and grip better on hard snow. But why do we move the straight edge to the valley skate? The valley skate is the most difficult to grip because it is further away from our balance point, so we move the curved edge to the mountain skate (closer to our balance point) and we move the straight edge to the valley skate to compensate for the fact that it is further away from our balance point. We must also remember that this improved grip on the valley skate makes it safer and more efficient to do the “back maria” where the support on the valley skate is total. Very important: It is recommended to jib without inverting the two halves when we already have experience in jibing and we do it with the two skates in parallel in a more instinctive way. It is not advisable not to invert them when we go along a skier’s line, as it is narrower, we could collide the two halves more easily. Traditional and directional camber profile boards, designed to give maximum performance in the ascent and optimum behaviour in the descent in the wide range of snow types in our mountains. Our splitboards have a large contact surface with the snow, which will undoubtedly give us more grip when climbing the mountain. Presented as a very versatile board that makes us enjoy both hard days, being a reactive board, and deep snow days thanks to its rocker, shape and nose height, a high performance sintered black base that gives us extra speed, which together with its setback will help us to float in deep snow. Its Flex 8 provides the optimal stiffness for Big Mountain riders. Splitboard received the Editor’s Choice award as splitboard tested by the interactive magazine specialized in splitboard, In addition to this recognition, it has achieved the best WP-Score (price/weight ratio) of all selected splitboards.

2 years warranty.

UNION EXPLORER BINDINGSOnly when your splitboard bindings feel like normal snowboard bindings, you can enjoy the descent to the fullest. Therefore, the Union Explorer binding focuses on natural board feel, less moving parts and a robust design, made for the longest runs and steepest lines. The Union Split system is simple and very quick to use. To switch to downhill mode, simply place the union in the disc mounted on the board, slide the long pin under the base plate and you’re ready to go. To switch to walk mode, pull out the pin again, place the binding on the touring brackets and push the pin back in. The EXP2 Highback was developed specifically for splitboarding. It comes with a quick release for the lean angle (forward lean). This allows you to switch from touring mode to downhill mode with a single hand movement. The ExoFrame 4.0 ankle straps are the ultimate connection between boot and binding. Progressive flex allows for quick response and power transfer for demanding riding at high speeds. Includes all necessary mounting hardware, quiver disc, splitboard strap, travel supportKOHLA FOUNTAIN SKINS New KOHLA mixed seal skins (70% Mohair, 30% Nylon). Excellent traction / glide ratio. Its lightness is appreciated on the longest and most demanding routes. Its reduced volume once folded and stored in its bag takes up less space in our backpack. Supplied with protective mesh, carrying bag and tail clip to be able to hook not only on the tip but also on the back. The skins are supplied with carrying bag, protector for the gluing area and hook for the tail of the board. We can also cut them to size if required.

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