Mendiboard poles



– Made of very strong and lightweight 7075 aluminium.

– Tensioning and untensioning tab.

– Minimum unfolded height 110cm, maximum 130cm.

– Aluminium locking tab.

– Special handle head to manipulate the pole.

– Eva foam covering under the handle.

– Weight 310gr.


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Walking stick is made of 7075 aluminium alloy, which makes it very light and strong.

Itcan be used for all kinds of outdooractivities but is specially designed for splitboarding for different reasons:

  • It is one of the smallest poles whenfolded (36cm) so it fits inside any backpack, avoiding the risk ofcarrying the tips on the outside .
  • The special design of thehandlehead makes iteasier to raise and lower the splitboard risers.

Foam covering underneath the handle makes it more comfortable and easier to grip without the need to change pole height when changing direction on a diagonal . Once thesnow basket is in place, it is positioned outside the thread, thus preventing it from unscrewing with the natural movement of the wrist and losing the basket accidentally.



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