Productos para la práctica del splitboard con bota dura

Splitboard + Spark Tech Toes + Spark Dyno Binding + Set Canted Pucks + Spark Dual Height Wires + Climbing Skins


More and more people are choosing splitboard with a hard boots. This set includes everything necessary for the practice of splitboard with hard  boots: Splitboard, Spark Tech Toes, Spark Dyno bindings, Spark Dual Height Wires, Set canted Pucks and climbing skins.

The full set is sent completely assembled according to the stance and angulations required, climbing skins cut to size, waxed base and, edges according to the required angulation.


If desired, the splitboads are delivered at no additional cost with the interface assembled according to stance and angulations indicated, skins cut to size and specifying us if you are goofy or regular. You can give us all this information in the following form. For any other doubt you can also write here or call us at +34 629 91 40 49.

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Backcountry 154, Backcountry 158, Backcountry 162, Backcountry 162 wide, Gandor 154, Gandor 158, Gandor 162, Gandor 162 wide, Line 148, Line 152, Line 156, Line 160, Line 162 wide, Sunnmore 163

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