The base of several colors or transparent with suggestive designs inside are more aesthetic than the black bases, but since Mendiboard we have always been in favor of being practical.

Black bases are usually of higher quality than those of colors, in our case we use a Isosport sintered 7500 base, or what is the same a base of very high performance and quality. But because a black base, perhaps less suggestive than the colors? Because they are practical, because we have been mistreating for years and after passing through the hands of a good professional, we have the base again as the first day.

It is worth a picture that a thousand words so we leave you some photos of before and after a base very punished for having used it those days in which a timid snow hides an endless stones and rocks in the way of sharp blades.

The appearance of the base was downright bad. The urge to hurry some descents had taken its toll.

Scars from a few years.

Some of the wounds we thought would not heal.

We could not believe that it was our old splitboard.

Our old friend returned to look like the first day.

We have again splitboard for many years.

Thanks to Luis de Windaction of Valladolid for his good work and his professionalism, we re-brand new splitboard. This board still has many mountains to discover.