We continue with our quest to introduce Mendiboards splitboards in Europe.

In January 2017 we were hand picked by Spark R&D at the most important snowboard fair in Europe (the Munich Ispo) to showcase their new Arc bindings, and now it’s time to introduce Mendiboard for Norway and the Scandinavian countries. We have started a cooperation with Sunnmore Splitboards and founder Per Eivind as the front figure for this adventure. After more than a month of testing the magnificent behaviour of different Mendiboard-models in the Alps of Sunnmore (Norway) it is time to announce that Sunnmore Splitboard is our ambassador to the Nordics. Give it up for Sunnmore Splitboard in particular for all their support!

Thanks Per Eivind! 

PS! Sunnmore Splitboard also guides and organizes splitboard-hikes in Norway, contact: sunnmoresplitboard@hotmail.com, or check out Sunnmore Splitboard on Facebook. 

These are the next events in which Mendiboard will be present in Norway:
-Galdhøpiggrennet 2017 – 30 års jubileum (21-23 April)
-Toppturhelg i Hjørundfjord (5-7 May)
-Folven randonnee festival 2017 i Stryn (11-14 May)
-Splitboarding @Strynefestivalen 2017 (8-11 June)