Examples that the limits of the splitboard are in the terrain, that is to say in the mountain, there are many. This time we come with the Mendi-rider Txema, who with his enthusiasm, his passion, his good work and his 120kg there is nothing that stands in the way of enjoying a good day of splitboard with his Splitboard Mendiboard Zenith 161.

If the snow and the mountain allow it, there will be tightening strong Zenith 161 splitboard to get the most out of his day of splitboarding.

Big Txema, BIG !!!!

The balance between lightness and solidity in the board is essential.

tabla splitboard

Many test tests are necessary to get a quality and durable material, although the best tests you give us you putting the material many times to the limit.

Our Splitboard zenith 161.

Complicated terrain. A good combination of flex, torsion, materials, measures, sidecut radius, profile, etc … make the difference.

Just have fun.

The improvements in the material make the changes, to touring mode, carry on your backpack or ride mode, are more easiers and less tedious.

Fast base (Isosport 7500) and good grip of the edge thanks to the traditional camber profile, best choice to enjoy with safety, that is fundamental in an ostil environment like the mountain.

On touring mode or ascent is where the traditional camber profile makes a difference.