By all is known that the splitboard is a material that can suffering more than a snowboard or even a skis. The width of the boards makes it quite common for us to hit the two halves while we go in touring mode both the tips and the tails, especially when we are beginners and our technique of jibing is not very good, or when we try to follow a trail of cross-country skiing which are usually narrower, etc. It may also hapend that in a bad step we can “bite” the top of the table with the crampons propitiating some war wound.
Usually these types of touches do not affect delicate parts of the board like the core wood, so it is no more than an aesthetic deterioration more than anything else.
The splitboards the wooden laminate topsheet can become a bit more delicate in this aspect, but on the contrary they are very easy to repair, so with a bit of skill and following four simple steps, we can make our splitboard look like the first day.
The Mendi-spliter Pau sends us some photos of the process of rejuvenation.
-Remove all the interface and hooks, except the clips of the tip and tail.
– Sanding smoothly with a 120 and 240 sandpaper to prepare the surface.
-In case we have a hole caused by some strong impact, apply restorative putty for wood of the same color as the wood.
-Tap all the holes of inserts with closures for closets, stickers, cotton, etc …
– Apply 1 to 3 layers of exterior varnish (marine varnish, polyurethane varnish, varnish for parquet, etc.).

We already have our splitboard as the first day.

We begin by sanding the board to eliminate imperfections and prepare the surface for lacquering or varnish.

In case of some type of damage in the wood can apply restorative putty.

The board is ready to apply the varnish.

We will protect the inserts with a stopper or something similar so that the varnish does not penetrate into them.

The splitboard comes back to look like the first day.