This past season was very prolific in meetings, events and festivals in which we were present and of which we are very active. Meetings and festivals of which we could enjoy the snow, the splitboard and, of course, good company.

In November we started with the Skimetraje. In December with the first Mendiboard meeting. In January it was the turn of the Ispo in Munich. In February the Pyrenees Splitboard Festival, Panticosa Mountain Fest, the second Mendiboard meeting took place. Followed in March by the Manzana Splitboard Festival and the third Mendiboard meeting. In April we had the Pre and  Oficial anual meeting  of Mendiboard. In May we continued to organize some Mendiboard meetings that ended in July with the classic split-surfing in the Lac Oncet.

That we said, a season with many activities that we keep a great memory and we hope to repeat the next season. Are you going to missing them?

Thanks to all Mendi-riders to make this posible!!!!

Ascending Peyrelue Peak in the second Mendiboard meeting held in the month of February.

Photo of Mendiboard team. Happy after the first day at the Manzana Splitboard Festival 2018.

Ready for the descent through Navarra lands within the third Mendiboard meeting.

Happy after having enjoyed some good turns of powder snow riding the Portalet Peak.

Ascending to the Coll de Pombie in the already classic Mendiboard official annual pre-kdd.

Climbing the Labaza Peak within the official KDD IV Mendiboard.

Enjoying the powder snow and the sun in the first Mendiboard meeting of the season there for the month of December.

Photo of one of the Mendiboard groups (there were three in total) within the first edition of the Pyrenees Splitboard Festival.

Photo of group mendi-riders of the route taken after the Panticosa Mountain Fest.

Ascending to Labaza Peak in the 4th edition of the KDD ofcial Mendiboard.