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Clean sole without holes for hooks, 7 lines of inserts for a greater range of rider position depending on our style of descent (freestyle / freeride), tabs on the tail for an easy and effective tension of the skins …

Traditional camber profile, to seek the best traction and grip in climb mode, and exceptional pop, response and versatility in descent mode on any type of snow. But we have also thought about optimal behavior in powder snow, and that is why the Gandor has a greater height at the tip that helps us in buoyancy, its setback (delay in the rider’s position) helps us to avoid having to be throwing our weight back, and its fast sole gives us an extra speed (speed = buoyancy).


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Board with the same lengths and heights as the Gandor, but with a harder flex designed for the most demanding riders and mountains.

Like its partner Gandor, the Backcountry is a traditional camber board being very versatile, both uphill with exceptional grip both with the skins facing a slope, and with the edge making a diagonal as it has a larger board surface. in contact with the ground.

It is a very versatile board that makes us enjoy both difficult days, being a very reactive and stable board, such as deep snow days thanks to its shape and height of the tip, a very fast sintered black base that gives us extra speed, and its recoil in the position of the rider (setback) that will undoubtedly help us buoyancy in deep snow.

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